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Why evaluating your printed activity can support your wider business goals.

The chancellor has been evaluating the economy and today he will assess what we’ve spent as a country vs what taxes have been collected.

Within the UK there are an estimated 2.5 million individual businesses all now looking to do the same, evaluate their profit and losses, search for ways to be more cost effective/competitive and to work smarter rather than harder.

What the pandemic has taught us all is that your online community is vital to staying in contact with your customers and for large parts of the year communications were mostly directed towards online, but is that because no one has taken the baton forward and shown how both online and print can work together?

" Research shows 65% of consumers gain a deeper understanding of a narrative when delivered through print "

Print still maintains a “trusted” form of communication, with 65% of consumers stating they gain a deeper understanding of a story it consumed through printed material. The value of the written word, the research and development that goes into producing a quality item still delivers a valued-add to any organisation. If you have gone through the exercise of evaluating your brand, defining your purpose and establishing a culture for your business, chances are you will want these details carved in stone, or in this case paper.

So, how can we help? We understand that print isn’t always peoples first choice for communications however, we want to redefine this thinking (we have picked up the baton) which is why we are offering a free health check to businesses who are keen to move forward into 2021 with their customers preferences. The print or online debate does not need to continue if we first think about the efficiencies and long term communications we all want to convey.

Jo Allen, our new Business Development Director is looking forward to your call, or email, or connection whatever you prefer.

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