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Meet our sister company CKN Logistics

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

With warehousing space estimated at a two year high* and online retail sales averaging up to 28%*, the demand for real-time logistical support is more accurate now than ever.

This explosion in actual time delivery requirements is just one of the reasons why, in 2019, we decided to set up and create our own logistics company, CKN Logistics.

At the start, our focus was to support the printing business by providing accurate, managed deliveries providing additional assurance to the CKN Print service offering. However, since then, the company has evolved and whilst we still support the real-time deliveries required for the print business, we also provide more diverse services to complex companies ranging from the eCommerce sector to homewares and bricks and mortar retailers. All of whom require time-sensitive deliveries along with specialist handling.

When developing the business, one of our immediate learnings was to eradicate the pain barrier for the originator; have the goods been delivered? Who signed for the consignment? Can someone communicate directly with the driver as circumstances have changed? We live in a dynamic world. Just as we are all used to communicating with the Amazon driver directly to “select a safe place to delivery”, large deliveries require the same dexterity but on a different scale.

The past six months have been a learning curve for us all. Applying good customer service alongside clear communication to support by the customers and our drivers means we are incredibly proud of our customer feedback.

To us, this is the satisfaction we need to continue to grow and develop our offering. With Northampton being one of the logistical capitals of the UK, we know it will be our ability to go the extra customer service mile to achieve great success in this business; it’s a challenge we are relishing.

If you are experiencing problems with either time-sensitive print or deliveries, why not talk to Shane Geary and see how we can help.

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