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Half years thoughts from our Business Development Director

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

We've all had to embrace change and challenges this year, and I'm delighted to be able to say that CKN has adapted magnificently.

Behind the scenes, we've been using this time to adapt and improve our working processes. We have created and updated our websites, worked on our social media presence, and, looking forward, invested in new technology to ensure print works effectively alongside digital communications.

Our sister company CKN Logistics created in 2019, has seen significant growth due to its ability to be flexible and resourceful in meeting this expanding logistical landscape. Being based here in Northampton, the geographical centre of the UK, has enabled us to see the impact the rise of the "Direct to Consumer" brands has meant for the sector.

We recognised one of our many attributes as an organisation in March: the longevity of service and experience available from our in-house experts, majoring in business and communications. Now we are using this to benefit a new range of customers, embracing their changing needs and generating a fresh feel of energy and excitement! CKN Solutions was born and is an exciting new addition to the CKN family of companies.

We have had challenges along the way, but we are looking forward to the next five months of 2021, and we hope you are all in the same position.

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